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What to Expect from our Pest Control Services

During our first service visit, your technician will lay the foundation for a pest control perimeter around your home. The initial service at your property will eliminate many pests and also chase previously unseen insects out of hiding. Then with our regular maintenance schedule, Lone Star Pest Control will continue to ensure that those pests do not return.

Our goal during regualar maintenance visits is to reinforce the barrier established during your first service. Regular maintenance will focus primarily on the outside, repeating the steps taken on the exterior property during the initial service call. This is important because 95% of interior problems can be avoided simply by treating their outside source.

Our quarterly maintenance calls are only $79. That is the best price for quality pest control you will find in the San Antonio area. We look forward to serving your family and/or business.

Commercial Properties

Lones Star Pest Control also serves all types of commercial properties from office buildings to restaurants to apartment complexes. We offer a wide range of proven pest control solutions that fit the business' needs.




We stand behind our quality service with a complete service warranty.  You can call us at any time between our regularly scheduled maintenance visits if a reinfestation should  occur. A technician will return to your location and take care of the problem at no extra charge.

What to Look For after a Treatment

It is common to see increased pest activity following a treatment. However, you will notice that pests will not survive and then the activity will go away. But, if for whatever reason, the pest problem should continue, we are just a call away. We will send a technician out for a follow-up treatment.

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